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Online Services


Laundry / Dry Cleaning / Wash & Press / Alterations Services




* Click on the  Free Registartion tab to provide us with your personal information such as

( name, phone number, email, pick-up address, building, etc.)


         * Notify us of any special laundry request as ( Detergent preference, allergies, etc) 


2.Choose your: Laundry service  


* Select fron one-time washing pay as you go, prepaid monthly plan, and semester plans.

* We recommend students to try our 120 lbs. semester plan since an average college student uses approximately one pund per day plus towels and sheets. Also, any left-over pounds will be rolled-over to the following semester. 


3. Or Choose your: Dry Cleaning / Wash &Press / Alterations.
* La-Z-Laundry is an up scale Laundry / Dry Cleaning /Wash & Press / Alterations Company providing professional services at competitive prices.


* Dry-Cleaning is a special process for clothing and textiles using a chemical solvent rather than water.


* Please check the clothing label tag washing instructions prior to using dry cleaning service with us.Notify us if you would prefer starch on your shirt collar.



4.Make a Payment & Next day delivery


* After you choose your plan, gives us a call to pick-up your laundry precede to PayPal, you will receive an electronic confirmation PayPal invoice.


* There are several payment options such us: cretid / debit card, check or cash at your convenience.


* Call us whenever your clothes are ready for free pick-up & delivery.

* Your La-Z-Laundry bag of clean folded laundry is labeled and ready for drop-off the day after we pick-up.


   Call Now!!!!  
* Gainesville @ 352-872-5656
* Tampa @ 813-400-9461



La-Z-Laundry is now servicing!!!


  • University of Florida and University of South Florida 
  • Santa Fe College
  • Hospital Facilities
  • Gainesville Community
  • Tampa Community 


You save money when you purchase  a plan !!



                                 Click hereLaundry plans

"Don't waste your precious time worrying about your laundry, when you could be studying / working"




Any pounds no Purchase Limit



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